Sweden Ugandan musician and actor Richard Sseruwagi (Seruwagi), has just released what I find one of our greatest albums in recent years. The album is worth every length of your listening. Titled "Racing The Clouds", drawn from one of the songs, "miyo", it proposes the need to take up new challenges, trying my wings and fly. Thematically Seruwagi in Racing The Clouds, embraces quite an array from loving your self, enjoying life, taking care of your self and looking into the future and love what you are and know that life is very short and whatever time you have is precious. This is heard throughout the tracks on the album. He finalizes with a wonderful quotation: "Music is the food of the soul. I bring you this food for the souls and I hope it will fill your souls with happiness as it did to me when I was making it for you. Enjoy it please". Richard Sseruwagi (Seruwagi) has also appeared in movies like The White Lioness together with Jeper Christensen from the new James Bond film Casino Royale, TV episodes Tre Kronor (Three crowns), The film Tolken (Interpreter) among others. He is at the moment at Stockholms Stadsteater (The town theatre in Stckholm), appearing in two plays: The Midsummer Nights Dream of William Shakespeare and The Street Car Named Desire of Tennessee Williams. Richard Sseruwagi and Geoffrey Oryema were one of the original cast of the Abafumi Theatre Co lead by the late Robert Serumaga” - Joel Isabirye

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Som Lalo hör vi Richard Sseruwagi, som lÃ¥ter nÃ¥gorlunda lik originalrösten, om än inte perfekt” - Daniel Hofverberg


May GOD abundantly reward you with His grace mercy and provision....bse you first planted a vision for my recogonition and has been a source of encouragement to me personally. I cherish your expertise and am grateful GOD has called you to my ministry...bse you are such a blessing and full of so many gifts and talents...you;re an incredible ARTIST and your time and effort are so much appreciated. bye from now........SSEMALULU” - Ssemalulu
Seruwagis Racing The Clouds author: Peter Kasiko When I listen to Seruwagi,I get the feeling that he wrote this music just for me because it connects to me. That is what I long for in music -to be connect and to feel that somebody out there knows how I feel. A wonderful song writer. For those of you who don´t understand his luganda lyrics, his songs in english give the same impact as those in luganda,easy to listen to,beautiful melodies and above all ever green both in his text and the music that follows it. This is an artist I am going to follow for a long time. Wonderful easy to listen to music author: Peter Mcqueen This is one of those CDs that I would like to have with me at all times. The music is kind of timeless, Although I dont understand the lyrics in ugandan, I get carried away by the magical intermarriage of word ,rythm and music, so harmonic and simple.In other words, Music at its best and made for the heart, an international heart.” - Peter Kasiko and Peter Mcqueen


Unaffectedly expressional plentiful music with synthetic framing.SeruwagiNäset BluesKMPRichard Sseruwagi (with two "s" ) is both an actor and musician, and together with , among others, Roberto Gonzalez , play in a -cultural fussion group called Svenskarna-The Swedes. Under the name Seruwagi ( with 0ne "s" ), he has released several solo albums .One of them is last year's collection of old cassette recordings ( " Song for Irene" ) , his former album published in 2009" Life Is a Footstep " as well as the debut album" Racing the Clouds "Seruwagis music is lush ,thriving, vibrant ,warm and bubbling of love .Thanks to his inviting voice Seruwagi invites the listener to step into the music." Näset Blues" is certainly Seruwagis best album so far , thanks to the sound that is a bit rounder and softer than its predecessors. It's Not Always Greener " is really contagious and evokes a bright and cheerful soul reggae - think Johnny Nash. " Seychelles "has a catchy drive , and the title song underlined by a melancholy flute, is the disc's highlight. The above mentioned Roberto Gonzalez both wrote and sings on Trasig kärlek på rea "Broken love on sale " ! Seruwagi has a genuine uncontrived expression with his music.Peter SjöblomCultural Journal Sweden” - Peter Sjöblom

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