Richard Sseruwagi



Richard Sseruwagi or Seruwagi also known as Richard Kaigoma Sseruwagi was born in a small village called Matanga in Masaka district in Uganda. He is a product of the famous Abafumi Theatre and Music Academy that was ran by the late Robert Serumaga. He and the company were forced to flee the country as the mad dictator Idi Amin Dada put a price on their heads saying that the Abafumi academy was spreading rumours abroad against him and his government.  He settled in Sweden where he has been living for many years now. Struggling to find his place in the new country, he worked in hotels washing dishes, cleaning offices and toilets, distributing the morning papers etc... Where there is a will, there is always a possibility of advancement to new horizons. He has for a long time now been fully pursuing his art craft ,theatre, film and music, and has continued to do so up to this moment thanks to his talent ,will and courage. He also regularly appears on television and in films. BUT, The power of music according to him is far greater than we can imagine. Quotation: "A song can tell and describe a feeling or a story in three minutes whereas the same story can be experienced in an hour or two in the theatre". THAT is the power of music. His music is a mixture of Afropop, western, Caribbean influences but also an inner puls of Ugandan folk music. 





Musikern Richard Sseruwagi/Seruwagi

Richard Sseruwagi eller (Seruwagi) är svensk ugandisk skådespelare och musiker och jobbat bla på Unga Klara, Dramaten, Stadsteatern i Stockholm och Upsala, Göta Lejon ,Market Theatre Sydafrica osv.. 

Seruwagis musik är en blandning av afropop med västerländisk och karibisk influenser  men också en inre puls av ugandisk folkmusik. Bra för öra och själen.